8 Tips For Hosting A Successful Open House

1. Partner with local businesses

Local businesses are great to partner with as they can help spread the word about your upcoming open house. But before you approach a business, give some thought has to how you can benefit them as well.  Could you offer to hand out coupons from their business or if it is an eatery, cater food from them? The key takeaway is, make it mutually beneficial and they will most likely agree.  Once you get the green light , see if you can leave some real estate flyers on the counter or perhaps they have a space for businesses to advertise their services.

2. Use social media wisely

We all know you should be posting info about your open house on all your social media accounts, as should your seller.  You need to think of taking it a step further to really expand your reach.  Facebook group pages are a great place to help you generate more buzz.  Look for local pages for the community the home is in and post about the open house.  Do make sure, though, to read the rules of the page.  Some do not allow any form of advertising.

3. Send real estate email flyers

Using an email flyer is a great way to help you expand your reach of potential leads.  Everyone knows someone who knows someone.  When you create your eflyer, be sure to send it to everyone you know including colleagues, family, friends, mortgage people, title reps, agents, brokers, etc.  Before you click send, make sure you have included links to your single property website, Facebook business page and any other related information.

4. Create a networking group with other agents

Do you have a network of real estate agents that you are a part of?  If not, that should be on your to do list.  Put some effort into getting to know other agents in your area.  Especially the ones that are selling just as much or more than you are.  Create a network and you can begin sharing information with one another about upcoming open houses. Working together like this will get more attendees to your open houses.

5. Come up with a theme

Creating a theme around your next open house will surely get the buzz going.  Think margaritas or sports to get some ideas going.  As you are coming up with your advertising, be sure to include the theme in any marketing pieces.   Give your open house a party feel and people will be interested in attending.

6. Be creative with the time

If your listing is targeted more towards families, consider holding the open house during a time that is beneficial to those with kids.  In the morning or later in the afternoon would be more appealing in this case. You can also do an open house during the week during lunch hours.  In this case, you can think about offering a nice lunch for those that attend.

7. Give a sneak peak with drone footage

When it comes to marketing a listing, video is a key component to a successful strategy.  Facebook live, Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram videos can all make your listing really stand out.  But to really take it to the next level, you should consider drone footage.  Providing aerial footage of the property will give your open house that feeling of exclusivity.

8. Get Signs Out Early

Typically, an open house sign is put out the day of.  In order to boost traffic, think about putting them out the week before.  Be sure to place them in places that get a lot of traffic, like the areas around schools and office buildings. You could put out a generic open house sign that prompts people to visit your website for the open house address or have a custom sign made where you can switch out the address. Whichever avenue you choose, putting out the sign early will give people the chance to plan their attendance or share it with others who are looking for a home.