8 Tips For Increasing Efficiency For Your Lawn Care Business


Running an efficient lawn care business takes hard work and knowledge.  There are so many factors to consider from employee management to equipment maintenance, but with the right tips you can start to implement the steps necessary for your business to start seeing growth.

Below are seven tips for increasing efficiency for your lawn care business.

1. Listen to the feedback of your customers

When you don’t listen attentively to your clients, the work ends up having to be redone.  This ends up costing you both time and money.  A good practice is to write down all the requests your client gives you.  Draw up a document and have them sign it so that you get everything right the first time around.  You will have a satisfied customer and don’t forget to have them write a testimonial for you.  Social proof is key these days.

2. Maintain your equipment

The proper maintenance of your lawn care equipment is a crucial step in ensuring your business remains efficient.  You should be following the recommended maintenance that is specified for your equipment and any repairs or work you have done should be noted for future reference.  Furthermore, when it is not in use, you should follow proper storing procedures.

3. Ban personal cell phone use during working hours

Cell phones are a drain on productivity, for this reason the personal use of them by your employees should be restricted to when they are on break.  This is something that should be followed by everyone including management.  By doing this, you will be setting an example for your staff.  Consider having a designated area for everyone to deposit their phones until their break or the end of the day.

4. Try implementing incentive programs  to boost productivity

Two heads are better than one is a tried and true saying.  It applies to all areas of life including business.  For this reason, it is a great idea to turn to your staff for ideas.  Bring everyone together and ask them for their feedback on your current procedures.  You may be surprised by their ideas and find some that could work well and save you money.  This is where an incentive program that rewards employees for their ideas would make sense.  Perhaps you can offer a bonus for an idea you decide to implement or pass on some of the savings you see from their idea.  Whatever you choose to do, getting the creative juices flowing around the office can only be beneficial to your bottom line.

5. Stay on top of industry trends

Staying abreast of what is happening in your industry is key to remaining competitive and successful for the long term.  Make sure you are reading the latest industry news and attending any key events or conferences.  This will help ensure you are not only providing the best service to your customers but that your company continues to flourish.

6. Connect with other professionals

Connecting with other lawn care professionals is a great way to tap into different lawn challenges that others face as well as to connect on efficiency issues.  They may have ideas that you can implement and vice versa.  Research online for any local groups that might exist or even check to see if there are any relevant Facebook groups you could join.

7. Don’t procrastinate

When an issue or anything else comes across your desk,  do what needs to be done right away.  This goes for emails as well.  Try not to read an email and then flag it for later.  If you start pushing things off, you will certainly run into problems down the line and that is a definite drain on efficiency.  This is something to implement from the top down.

8. Use lawn care management software

This is really the top tip for making your lawn care business truly efficient.  With all the different parts that you have to take are of, having a landscaping business management software is a lifesaver for your business.  This type of software has every essential internal and project management function you would need for your business.  From invoicing to tracking time, you will be running more efficiently right away.


Running your business efficiently is key to a successful business.  By implementing some of the tips above, you will start to see profits improve and an overall less stressed environment with your company running more smoothly.  Remember that working smarter and not only harder, counts.