Content Creation Tips For Social Media Posting

Finding content to share that is exciting and fresh is no easy feat.  Every business owner, blogger and website owner, knows the importance of having a solid  social media content strategy.  If you are not gaining in visibility, your online presence will suffer and without great content, your brand will also not be promoted properly.

Below are tips on how to create social media content that your target audience will love and hopefully share.

Understand your audience and their needs

Before you begin the process of content creation for your social media accounts, you need to have a clear idea of who you are writing for. People will not share your post if there is no interest in what you are posting about.  Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are coming up with your content:

  • Who will be reading your content? Business professionals,  younger people, college students, travelers? Whoever it is, make sure you are speaking their language.
  • What issues face your audience and what can you offer in terms of solutions?
  • When is the right time to post so that you reach the greatest number of people?

Create useful content

People love getting useful content that provides tips on how to tackle their problems.  Once you have identified the problems of your audience, come up with actionable tips you can offer.  The key here is to create posts, updates and articles that are useful.  As an example, if you have a clothing company, you can share tips on how to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe.

Engage with your audience

Social media provides the ideal platform for connecting and interacting with your followers and customers. Achieving a high level of audience engagement is the key to gaining popularity on any social platform.  As you create content, be sure to give thought to whether your piece will encourage conversation along with questions and comments.  The more comments your post receives, the more it will be seen and the more shares you will get.

Asking questions is another great way to generate conversation with your audience.  Just be sure to be ready to respond quickly to any comments.

Use good news

Positive news and articles that elicit feelings of amusement, laughter and inspiration are the stepping stones to a post going viral.  People are interested in sharing content that is unique and interesting so you want to think about creating content that will invoke positivity and use headlines that will peak curiosity.

Use visuals

Not everyone enjoys reading a lengthy article and if people are not reading your post, you are not getting shares.  Adding visuals to your piece helps break up the text and keeps the reader from losing interest. Check out sites like iStockphoto and Stock Footage that provide royalty-free stock images and videos..

Infographics are another great way to get lots of shares! They provide lots of information in an easy-to-read format. Websites like Canva, Piktochart,    are great for creating awesome infographics

Leave it to the experts

When you are running your own business or website, finding the time to create great content for your audience can be tough.  But you also cannot ignore this critical piece of content marketing. This is when outsourcing this part of your social media marketing strategy makes sense.

For example, you can enlist a company that can create custom social media content for you. You just need to provide some basic info about your company and your audience and they will create a unique content profile for your brand. You get sent amazing social media content and also schedule when you want it to go out.  Definitely worth looking into.

Make sure you provide sharing options

If someone is on your site or blog and they read an awesome piece of content, they will quickly look for a social sharing toolbar. No toolbar equals no shares! Make it simple for visitors to share your articles.  Place the social sharing buttons in a an eye catching position either on the side, at the top or below the content. This is a simple addition that will quickly put you on the road to more shares.

Share great stories

Not all stories are created equal. If you are going to share a story with your audience, it should provide readers with emotions, suspense and imagery.  It also needs to go a step further and relate to your audience so that there something connecting them to your brand. If the reader feels something in reading your content, they will most likely share it.

Create a content series

Organizing and scheduling your content by theme tends to perform well because your audience feels like they are going on a journey.  This will also allow them to become accustomed to seeing your content on a regular basis and they will know what to expect.

Make your content look pretty

Most people scan a page when reading text; therefore, design and look of your written content is especially important.  Breaking up large blocks of text, using subheaders and using an easily readable font will go a long way in helping readers engage with your content.